The Tricks of the Trade When It Comes to Smoke Damage Repair

What do the pros know about smoke damage repair that I don’t? Smoke damage is one of the worst parts about a fire in your home, which is why smoke damage repair is so important. After the flames are extinguished and the damage is surveyed, even after the repairs are done, if the smoke damageRead more

What Restoration Companies Can Tell You about Water Damage

What do restoration companies really want me to know about water damage? Restoration companies are in the business of putting homes and lives back together after catastrophic events. These events often include water and water damage. Even when there’s a small amount of water, it can cause enormous damage and can disrupt your life significantly.Read more

5 Misconceptions about Fire Damage from Georgia Fire Restoration Companies

What would Georgia fire restoration companies say about this list? Georgia fire restoration companies are in business for a reason. If your home is damaged by fire, they’re the ones to call. The hard part is that not everyone knows this to be true. There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes toRead more

What Kind of Property Damage Repair Services Can I Expect after a Storm?

What you need to know about property damage repair services in the South Needing property damage repair services is not uncommon in our part of the country, especially after spring and summer storms roll through. No storm is the same and no damage is exactly the same, though there are some typical things that areRead more

5 Quick Tips about Fire and Smoke Damage

What do I do about fire and smoke damage when I’ve never dealt with fire and smoke damage? Are fire and smoke damage as bad as they sound? The answer is yes. A fire is a devastating event that can be life-changing. The panic and fear followed by heartbreak and feeling overwhelmed are entirely reasonable.Read more

What Can a Storm Damage Specialist Do That I Can’t?

Why you need a storm damage specialist and not a DIY YouTube video. Lots of people wonder what exactly a storm damage specialist does, especially during the rainy season. Are they really necessary? Can’t you just fix stuff yourself? If you have a few leaves and branches on your front porch after some rain andRead more

My Pipes Froze, Now What? Dealing With Water Damage Clean-Up After Pipes Burst

Do you know what you need to know about water damage clean-up? No one likes to hear that they’re going to need water damage clean-up. And to say that it’s from a frozen pipe that burst can really burst your bubble. But you don’t have to let it wreck your winter. With the right informationRead more